Veterans' National Forest

As part of our commitment to Veterans; we are proposing the creation of an entirely new national forest – The “Veterans National Forest”, created as part of the “Green Lean Reforestation Machine”. We will be consulting with the National Forest service,  the American Forest Organization, Colorado State University’s Forest School, and the Crowther Lab at ETH Zürich Crowther  (the leader of which inspired the Trillion Tree Initiative and has global satellite maps on where best to plant trees) as to where this new national treasure should go.

We envision a great new monument to our American heroes ; with 5 distinct sections – each honoring one branch of the service.  We can create a registry and map where the names and locations of trees planted in a veterans’ honor are located. Tree houses can be built across each section to be used by Veteran’s programs designed to help Veteran’s with disabilities and/or P.T.S.D.  They can also be used for children’s education programs like our “Eco Scouts” program – designed to teach our children about forestry programs and careers.

Once the forest is created, additional job and educational opportunities could be available through the following:

  1. A Wildlife program  managed by Veterans that provides free outreach programs for Disabled Veterans, Veterans suffering from PT.S.D., and senior Veterans .   
  2. Medicinal plant program. Approximately 7,000 medical compounds prescribed by Western doctors are derived from plants. These drugs had an estimated retail value of US$43 billion in 1985. This forest could become the centerpiece  of a great new Enterprise Zone for small businesses.