Trillion Tree Corps


Supported by the Trillion Tree Initiative, our mission is to grow, restore and conserve 1 trillion trees across the world by 2030. The global initiative is aimed at restoring biodiversity and help fight carbon emissions while uniting governments, non-governmental organizations, veteran organizations, veterans, businesses and individuals in mass-scale nature restoration.

Trillion Tree Corps’ Plan

  1. Create a “Forestry” division that identifies, sources funding, and implements projects in the U.S. and it’s territories that will plant indigenous trees, restore and revive the biosphere, and restore or create facilities to help maintain the area and promote local, regional and nationwide education and support of the project. Key areas of emphasis: Urban corridors, National Forests and Parks, Native American Reservations.
  2. Create a “Trillion Tree Tours” division that supports our Forestry division by creating, planning, promoting , and hosting quarterly tours to our projects in the U.S. and beyond. Visit and support projects outside of our company, both domestic and internationally, that are involved with Trillion Tree Initiative. Provide public access to visiting, enjoying, and planting trees; while learning about the Trillion Tree Initiative and conservation. Partner with Veterans’ organizations to help Veterans deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), retraining, and/or re-employment.
  3. Create a third “Education” division that informs the public on all aspect of the initiative, as well as our projects, tours, and programs; and serve as the home of our “Eco Scouts” program – designed to get young Americans involved with our Re-forestation efforts.
  4. Create 5 distinct branches of our Corps to support our above the employment of displaced Americans. Eco Warriors for Veterans, Eco Rangers for high school graduates and people desiring a career change into Forestry, Eco Braves for Native Americans, Weekend Warriors for concerned citizens with limited time, and Eco Scouts for America’s youth.