Trillion Tree Corps Locations Map

Trillion Tree Corps will be based in the Denver Metro area with Regional offices in the Seattle area (Port Townsend), Los Angeles area (Huntington Beach), Dallas area (Granbury), and Burlington, Vermont. Each office will coordinate our Triple “R” programs in the region, and serve as the liaison for our American Legion/VFW partnerships for Eco Warriors in the designated regions.

In addition to coordinating projects in the Rocky Mountain Region; the Denver office will also be the home for our Education Division (which will run our “Eco Scouts” and “Weekend Warriors” urban forest programs). The Eco Braves, Eco Rangers, and Weekend Warrior employment pools and programs will also be based in the Denver corporate headquarters.

The Granbury, TX office (South Area) will head up the Trillion Tree Tours Division; which will plan both Domestic and International Eco Tree planting tours. The Port Townsend office (Northwest Area) will run our heavy equipment division; which will be in charge of the corporation’s capital asset pool. Huntington Beach (Southwest Division) will run our Contract & Bidding programs nationwide.