Eco Warriors

Designed for Veterans transitioning from military service; this part of the core will offers full time, part time, or seasonal work at competitive wages. Veterans in our Eco Warriors Corps will manage reforestation projects across the U.S.  and overseas. They also will be invaluable as Eco Tree Tour guides in our quarterly , national, and world tours –some of which they will be hosting for Vets with disabilities and/or P.T.S.D (free) . Additionally, we will push for legislation  so they can earn a forestry degree or tax credits/grant for a degree or trade school certification in return for service. This way, Veterans could stay in the Corps as long as they want; or transition to a career they always dreamed of but couldn’t afford.

Additional opportunities for Veterans will be as Leaders in our Eco Scouts and Inner city programs. These Warriors will be instrumental in helping with our programs to reforest urban areas. They will also educate  our Eco Scouts in urban and rural revitalization and restoration of current and future tree canopies  protecting and enriching our cities, suburbs, and beyond.  Partnering with  leaders in our inner cities and disadvantaged communities, Veterans will have a powerful impact on the movement to fulfill the American dream for all of our citizens.

We will be touring Colorado in February 2021 and the rest of the United States from March 20th through September 21st, 2021, to reach out to over 325 American Legions and VFW’s to honor 5 Veterans (one from each branch of the military) in each and every Post we visit.  At this time we will also be  setting up our Eco Warrior programs in all of the visited locations. With over 1500 locations nationwide – American Legions and VFW Posts are excellent venues to reach out to America’s finest.