Eco Scouts


Eco Scouts will serve as our outreach program to America’s youth; and will be staffed with Eco Warrior, Eco Brave and Eco Ranger Corps  Officers. The Eco Scouts’ program will center around Urban reforest efforts; and will work with inner city and disadvantaged communities, including Native American  urban areas.  Our “Together” education program will match suburban and rural youths with urban tree pals in our “wood wide web”.

As the program develops; we will design mini Eco Tree Tours (mini versions of our quarterly “Eco Tree Tours) that give children an opportunity to learn about forestry, bio diversity, bio –fuels, conservation, agro-forestry, plant medicinal, wildlife preservation, and many other potential rewarding careers or just great hobbies. Equally as important, these tours will serve as an amazing opportunity to bring children from all races, cultures, economic and social classes TOGETHER in Trees.

While the importance of this program to our future leaders can’t be underestimated; it is critical to note what the Eco Scouts also means to our Veterans in the Eco Warrior program. Having Veterans serve as the leaders and teachers in this program will go a long way in helping them with the serious problems associated with P.T.S.D. – suicide being the number one tragedy with 22 Veterans taking their own life every single day.