Eco Tours

Makira, Madagascar

Heritage, Columbia

Coastal Forests, Tanzania

Gola, Sierra Leone, Libera

Another very important element of the Trillion Tree Corps will be the Eco Tours Division. In a critical support role of our Forestry operations; the touring division will have three major functions:

  1. Coordinate quarterly tours to U.S. and 35 W.E.F. International Tree planting sites for our Weekend Warrior, Veteran Treeiage , Eco Brave, and Eco Scouts programs.
  2. Provide advanced career employment opportunities for Eco Warrior, Eco Brave, Eco Ranger, and Eco Scout employees.
  3. Provide critical revenue support for our Forestry operations and outreach programs to our Veteran partners, Native Americans, and inner city youth programs – which will receive 10% of all of our revenues.