Major accident takes out TTC Vehicle

Description: Ford Excursion after fire and explosion in Denver area - CEO Steele Smith narrowly escapes with Spartacus, the company my mascot.

Published: 06/22/2023
Byline: Smith

Steele Smith, CEO of Trillion Tree Corps, was traveling around Denver looking at different tree plantings and potential locations for future honor gardens and memorial locations when suddenly the Ford Excursion the company had just received by donation started billowing smoke out of the vents and then caught on fire. Fortunately he and the company mascot Spartacus got out before the fire consumed the entire rron end of the vehicle. 

If you would like to support our cause and help assist our recovery, please contact us in our contacts page or see the numbers below.

Executive Director Steele Smith- (720)-755-7483

Education- Kilpatrick- (970)-520-7429

Secretary- Janice Kilpatrick- (970)-520-7431