Trillion Tree Corps Board of Directors


Published: 02/08/2023
Byline: Smith

720-755-7483 TTC 

Board of Directors Contact Information: 

BOARD OFFICERS (Executive Committee): 

1. Chairman: Douglas “Steele” Smith 720.755.4071  Executive Director, T.T.C. 

3744 Eaglemount Rd., Chimacum, WA 98638 

2. Vice Chairman & Treasurer: Mike J. “Curly” Duffy III 303.929.7273 Executive Technical Officer, T.T.C 

4385 S. Braun Way 

Morrison, CO 80465 Michael.Duffy@au-marketing,net 

3. Education/Scouts Oversight: Casper Stockham 720.609-6177 ES1: Education/Scouts Division V.P. & Air Force Advisor 

6833 S. Dayton Street, #187 

Greenwood Village, CO 80112 

4. Forestry Division Oversight: Jeremy Kilpatrick 970-520.7429 F1: Forestry Division V.P & Klover Kare Advisor, T.T.C. 

441 E. Bryan St. 

Haxtun, CO 80731 

5. Events/Tours Oversight: Mark Strachan 303-263-6459 ET1: Events/Tours Division V.P. 

10975 Glencoe 

Thornton, CO 80230 

6. Legal Advisor: Wm. Khoury Dillon 720.323-7269 

Executive Legal Counsel, T.T.C. 

Chief Deputy D.A. @ Denver District Attorney 

201 W. Colfax, Denver, CO 80202

Board of Directors Contact Information: 

Board Departments Oversight: 

7. F2: Hero Memorial Department: Gabriel Lopez 720-435-8866 

District 5 Commander, American Legion & Army Advisor, T.T.C. 12752 Fairfax St., 

Thornton, CO 80241 

NVM. F3: Equipment/Logistics Department: William Hallman 719-468-0935 ALR President, District 1 & Navy Advisor, T.T.C., 

201 E. 2nd Street 

LA Junta, CO 81050 

Pending 2/11/23 Vote: Nonvoting member 

8. F4: Veteran Outreach & Affairs - Oversight: Steve J. “Lunchbox”" Butner  Marine Corps Advisor, T.T.C. 


446 Hermosa Street 

Lochbuie, CO 80603 

9. F5: Veteran Outreach & Affairs - Oversight: Jen Butner 303.908-5003 Coast Guard Advisor, T.T.C. 

446 Hermosa Street 

Lochbuie, CO 80603 

10P. F6 Native American Affairs/Outreach - Oversight: Lyndreth Wall (Pending vote) Tribal Council, Ute Mountain Ute Tribe 

970.564-5604 W 970.739-7207 C 

P.O. Box JJ 

Townaoc, CO 881334 


Board of Directors Contact Information 

Member: Advisors 

11. F6: Veteran Organizations Outreach Advisor: George Horgan 303.862-2146 T.T.C. is Currently Active with: U.V.C., Vets Helping Vets, V.S.A.P. Vets helping Vets, President 


12P. ET2: Auxiliary/Sons – Am. Legion Outreach/Advisor: Angie Davis (Proposed) American Legion Auxiliary President, Post 9 & District 1 

201 E. 2nd Ave. 

La Junta, CO 

NVM. ES3: Washington State T.T.C. Office Advisor: Tim Green 720.301-9864 3744 Eaglemount Road 

Port Townsend, WA 98638 

NVM. ES5: Jr. Scout Liaison: Jacklyn Strachan 303-810-5970  Executive Assistant – Scouts Advisor, T.T.C. 

10975 Glencoe 

Thornton, CO 80230 

13. ES2: B.S.A/Scout Outreach/Advisor: Steve Hayes (Proposed)  American Legion ALR President State of Colorado 

Need Address 

14. Corporate Documents Oversight: Chris Aho 720.320-9533 T.T.C. Chaplin: Chris Aho 

Address need  

Thornton, CO 80229